What Is Knockerball?


Knockerball is a single chamber inflatable sphere with inner handles and adjustable shoulder straps. Our Knockerballs are commercial grade TPU, which is lighter, stronger, and more flexible than the consumer models. Knockerballs can be used singularly to perfect your rolls, flips, and wheels. "KnockerBallers" describe the sensation as almost defying gravity, just imagine the sensation and mobility that a Knockerball allows you to experience without putting any stress on the body. With two or more Knockerball's the experience is catapulted into rip roaring laughter, exhilarating knocks and rolls that will keep you coming back for more. Organizing a KnockerSoccer game is truly a blast but we will warn you, organized games generally break down into literal knock down chaos with the only resulting pain being from laughing so hard and having way too much fun.

Knockerball MAX is your only locally licensed, insured, and pro-accredited Knockerball location. Don't drive an hour for some overpriced knock-off brand when you can experience a real Knockerball brand bubble ball in your own back yard. Look for the logo and demand a Knockerball!

Knockerball MAX is the area's only Licensed and Certified dealer of brand-name Knockerball products. We earned our badge by undergoing intense safety training and background checks. We have obtained world-class insurance that is only available to Knockerball Pro-Accredited Affiliates. That means that you can trust that you will have the best experience with us. If it doesn't say Knockerball, then it is a knock-off!
- Pro-Accredited Knockerball Dealer
- Licensed and Insured
- Safety Training by both Knockerball & the State of Illinois
- Full background checks by Knockerball & the State of Illinois
- Permit to operate by the State of Illinois
- Daily safety and inspection logs kept
- Officially licensed Knockerball Equipment

Knockerball is our Brand

Knockerball is not just a name or a description. It is our brand. When you see the name Knockerball, you can expect only the highest quality products backed by a world-wide network of professional dealers. Other no-name locations offer cheap knock-off brands made in China that do not offer the same high-quality safety standards, nor can they offer the kind of insurance protection that Knockerball does. Don't take the risk when you can have the best! Look for the brand, look for the badge, and #GetintheBall!

You can only find professionally grade TPU Knockerballs at Knockerball MAX. We don't use low quality PVC knockoffs like our competitors. Safety is our #1 priority and we want your first experience to be the best so that you keep coming back for more!

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