KombatBow MAX - Hunt or be Hunted!

KombatBow MAX combat archery games include so much more than just playing Archery Tag! We've combined concepts from games like dodgeball, paintball and archery. Then mixed it all up with a healthy dose of Hunger Games style competition played in your best Rambo impersonation. It's an all out archery war! Only our warriors are using foam tipped arrows for battle!

Arrowheads are made of high density foam that sandwiches a disc and spindle (between the black and yellow parts). And as an extra safety precaution there is a secondary flange that ensures even in failure that the arrow shaft will not pierce through the head making sure players stay safe at all times. With KombatBow MAX, It is our goal is to bring customers a unique experience that's both physical and fun. It's great for people of all ages, boys, and girls, and requires really no prior knowledge of archery; you learn as you go! The only limit is your imagination!

KombatBow MAX

Hunt or be Hunted!

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