Knockerball MAX is proud to introduce MAX VR Racing! What is VR Racing? It is a fully immersive experience unlike anything you have ever tried before! It all starts with the best VR in the industry, the HTC Vive Professional edition headset, which allows you to instantly be transported into the 3D interactive gaming world with full stereo surround sound.

When you sit down in the racing cockpit, you will have a full force feedback steering wheel along with racing pedals, that include realistic braking resistance, clutch, and manual 5 speed stick, if desired. The seat itself is configured to move with every banking turn and with every shift of the gears. As you accelerate, you will feel it in the seat as you are thrown back in the chair and pushed forward with every hard brake.

Feel your engine rev up and every bump in the road with the installed Buttkicker as you look around in 720 degrees from within your cockpit. This is truly an amazing racing experience that you must see and feel to believe!

Come try out a race at our Hickory Point Mall location and compete for the best lap time or best overall track time and win free rounds of Knockerball! And if racing isn't your thing, try out our motion seat with VR as you ride some of the craziest VR roller coasters every designed. Add it to any 2-hour party for the lowest cost VR in the area! Additional room-scale VR is coming soon! Contact us today for more information.

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